What is Veterinary Dermatology?

A veterinary dermatologist is a veterinarian that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of animal skin, nail, hair, hood, and mouth disorders. They are trained in the management of skin and ear related disorders including:

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Infectious conditions
  • Psychogenic disorders

Veterinary dermatologists use their knowledgeable approach and application to recovery so that you end up with a more happy and healthy pet. The most common reasons people bring their pets to a veterinary dermatologist is because there is some sort of allergic reaction. This is especially the case in Florida, where environmental factors contribute to allergies in both humans and pets.

We offer parasite control, hypoallergenic food, and allergy testing to help combat the issues that can contribute to your pet’s allergic reaction.

Does My Pet Need a Dermatology Consultation?

It’s normal for pets to itch and scratch from time to time, but there are certain signs that may indicate a deeper issue going on. If you notice a sudden and worsening of skin or hair loss in your pet, take him to the vet. If you notice any lesions on your pet, near the lips for example, take him to the vet. If there is an unusual skin eruption, don’t wait for things to “just get better,” bring your pet in for a dermatology consultation!

Common infections, allergic or cancerous skin reaction will only get worse when we are not proactive in treating them. You see your pet every day, so if you notice that something looks off, what’s the harm in taking him to the vet? At best case, nothing is wrong. At worst case, your vet finds a more serious, underlying issue but is able to stop it from getting worse because you were proactive about treatment!

If you have taken your pet to the vet on multiple occasions for the same skin problem with minimal improvement, your pet may require a dermatologist referral if you’ve followed all of our recommended instructions to no avail.

Just like us, our pets can become overly sensitive to irritants, leading to great distress. Certain breeds are also prone to specific skin conditions, and this may cause problems for both pet and owner. We are trained in identifying subtle differences in skin conditions, and will diagnose and treat your pet so that they are eventually free from discomfort.