About Us

About Us

Welcome! First off, let us thank you for visiting our little corner of the web-o-sphere!!

Ocean Animal Hospital has your pet’s best interest in mind at all times. We know that every pet is different and has special considerations that need to be addressed. The Doctors and Staff work with you to develop a customized wellness plan and vaccination schedule that best suits the needs of you pet. We understand that not every vaccine is right for every pet. We favor early detection and prevention over unnecessary vaccines.

We also have options for allergic pets. We stock a wide variety of hypoallergenic diets and work with a compounding pharmacy to deliver medications without potentially allergenic flavor additives.

No sticker shock! We inform owners of what needs to be done every step of the way, and always give estimates before starting. This avoids surprises at the checkout counter.

Ocean Animal Hospital have also partnered with Dr. Christa Robben to provide our patients with chiropractic services and laser therapy. These services are helpful in treating a wide range of pet ailments. Call today to see if your pet could benefit!

We hope to hear from you soon!!