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Aug 01 2016

Your Dog and Cat Need Dental Care Too!

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It’s time to get your pet’s teeth cleaned up! 

Dogs and cats develop dental disease like we humans. Due to lack of dental hygiene, bacterial producing tartar and plaque can buildup on the teeth resulting in bad breath, inflammation of the gums and early tooth loss. Bacteria can also be absorbed into the body of your pet and effect major organ systems such as the liver, kidney and heart.

There are options for home oral hygiene which includes brushing, oral rinses and the use of dental chews. The problem is most people don’t brush their dog’s or cat’s teeth and I have never heard of anyone flossing the teeth. Rinses and chews can be helpful but, in most cases, your pet will need an ultrasonic dental scaling. Think about it. Even humans, who brush and floss frequently, need dental cleanings two to four times a year.

A pet’s gingivitis and plaque will worsen over time eventually developing into gum recession, bacterial contamination, loose teeth and root exposure.

A dental cleaning is required. Your pet is admitted in the morning after an overnight fast from food and water. Routine blood tests are made to determine general health. After sedation, general anesthesia is necessary to adequately perform a deep dental scaling. An ultrasonic instrument is used to separate the tartar and plaque from the teeth. After the teeth are scaled, a light buffing is done to polish the teeth. Loose or abscessed teeth may be removed during the procedure.

Antibiotics are dispensed to help control the bacteria. After the tartar and plaque are removed, home dental hygiene is more effective in keeping the teeth clean. Some dogs require dental cleaning yearly and others less or more frequently depending on their overall dental condition.

Your pet will feel better with clean and effective oral hygiene especially once abscessed teeth are removed. It is important to keep the gums and teeth healthy.

If you have any doubt about your pet’s oral hygiene, we can assist in evaluating whether they need a dental cleaning. Make an appointment and we will be glad to assess your pet’s oral hygiene and schedule an ultrasonic dental cleaning if needed.

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