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Jun 07 2016

July 4th and your pet

More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year! Play it safe with your pet this year by following these safety tips.

Keep your pet in the house during the celebrations. When scared, dogs have been known to jump or dig under fences or chew through leashes or ropes. Cats may bolt at the sound of loud noises and end up running into the street or lose their way home.

Make sure your pet is microchipped and the registered information is current. All shelters and animal control will scan all the lost pets brought in so your pet can be returned home.

Take a current photo of your pets in case they are lost.

Take your dog for a walk before the festivities start. This will allow them to go potty before all the noise begins.

If you are going out to celebrate, leave your dog at home. Make sure all the windows are closed and the curtains are closed. Leave a radio or television on to help soothe and mask the sound of the fireworks. Leave something for your pet to play with to serve as a distraction.

If you are celebrating at home, ask your guests not the feed your pets people food. Some food, such as onions and grapes, are actually poisonous to pets. Also tell them to be careful going in and out of the house. You don’t want your pet to slip out unnoticed.

Keep pets away from alcohol. The fermented hops in beer can actually be poisonous to dogs and cats.

Keep glow jewelry away from dogs. If chewed, it can cause excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation. The pieces can also get stuck in the intestines if swallowed.

Citronella, a commonly used insect control, can cause respiratory problems if inhaled. It can also affect the nervous system upon ingestion.

Be sure to check your yard for any fireworks debris, food scraps or any other things that may be harmful before letting your dog outside.

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